Prop Trading Account


iFT’s Live Trading Chat Program is designed to do just what its name suggests, allow for a trader to receive his first level of seed-funding up to a maximum of $100,000 and earn 15% of all profits earned on that account, payable monthly, while emersing the trader in live ongoing education and guidance through iFT's Live Trading Chat Room where participants will be under the direct tutelage of master traders from the market open to the closing bell as they lead our students throughout the trading day.

Watch and listen as our master traders unveil their daily bias pre market before the opening bell, compile watch lists of gap trading candidates and offer insight as to the proper strategies and criteria to apply in preparation of the trading day. As the market opens and the foot prints of money unfold, our master traders continually provide our students with ongoing market analysis and live trading candidates as opportunities materialize in real time. Watch master traders call live trades and apply sound trade management dictated by iFT's trading methodology as they pulls profits from the market each and every day, if not each and every hour.

Trading Account Summary:

    90-Day Simulated Trading Period - This is where the trader begins to put theory into actual practice and starts to build the good habits that form the right foundation for consistently profitable trading. This training period which takes place with real-time market data will reveal the trader’s flaws and show what needs to be altered, corrected or eliminated in one’s trading approach. Much of the traders growth and promise will be developed and revealed during this training time. The Simulator Trading Period presents one major trading milestone for the trader to pass, a $3,000 net trading profit achieved with good trading statistics. Upon passing this all important milestone, the trader is ready to begin his/her professional trading journey and is granted a live, fully funded account along with a 15% payout on all profits earned.

    Fully Funded Trading Account - This is the crowning jewel of the Live Trading Chat Program. Upon graduation from the Simulator Trading Period (see above), the trader becomes eligible to trade a fully funded account up to a maximum of $100,000. The trader earns 15% on all realized trading gains, which are paid out monthly. Here the trader’s goal is to string together a series of consistently profitable quarters with the real account, demonstrating that he/she is ready for the next step in the professional journey toward trading for a living.

    IFT’s Institutional Transaction Fees - Traders benefit from the firm’s institutional trading and commission rates. Equity trades for 15 cents per every 100 shares traded. A 1,000 share trade would cost $1.50 in commissions. Traders also will receive rebates (payments from the exchanges) for placing certain types of specialty trades, another huge benefit for professional traders over retail traders.

Cost Summary:

    • $147 Monthly.