Prop Trading Program

Trader Advancement Guidelines
Risk Management Controls:

At each performance level, traders will be assigned a maximum lot size, a daily loss limit, and a minimum weekly target.

  • Lots Max Position Size – This defines the limit for any individual order as well as the total lot size limit for all open positions.
  • Max Daily Loss – If the Daily Loss Limit is reached at any point during a day’s trading, no further entry orders will be permitted and a iFT Risk Manager will work with the trader to close all positions.
  • Cumulative Target – This defines the minimum net profit that must be achieved in order to achieve promotion to the next performance level.

Trader Payout Rates:

The percentage of profits that are paid to the trader will increase as traders advance through the performance levels. Refer to the table for the following details:

  • Payout % – This defines the percentage of profits paid to the trader at level.