Write your trading journal Like a Pro!

If writing changed the course of the world at some point in history. Writing your trading journal can also do it for you.

A tool that will
transform your trading

To help your delevlop the habit of writing in your journal, like every pro must do, I’ve created the Trading Journal Pro. A powerful tool that will not only guide you in the way on a daily basis but will also give you precise statistics of your progress in your trading and will help you identify what must work on.


Add detail to your trades

Keep track of your progress

Get live statistics

How does it work?

The Trading Journal Pro is designed so that with one click you can automatically upload your IFT Trader Pro history and the computer will do all the calculations and give you important stats based on your trades.

For all Traders, knowing his strengths and weaknesses is of vital importance when following a successful trading plan. The Trading Journal Pro presents to you data and stats like:

Evolution through time

Most frequent errors

Most profitable symbol

Biggest loosing symbol

Most profitable day

Win/loss ratio

And much more!

$15 per month