Short-Term Profit Tactics

In the early 1990’s Oliver Velez dubbed the term Swing Trading in an article written about a style of short term market play he designed for traders desiring quicker profits than the traditional buy-and-hold approach. The term caught on and a new industry was born. Today, having mastered this all powerful style of trading, Mr. Velez is taking his original concepts to a new level of power and effectiveness.

Nearly two decades ago, Oliver Velez took the trading industry by storm when he introduced swing trading to the equity markets. Today some of the world’s most successful traders rely exclusively on this dynamic style of trading, and the many tactics Mr. Velez introduced. Swing trading is a unique style of market play that attempts to capitalize on a 2- to 5-day time period. Too short for large institutions to take advantage of, and at the same time, too long for the overly active day trading and floor trading communities, this time period often exploits this often overlooked market niche that can deliver above average short-term gains for the trained Swing Trader.

Oliver L. Velez has announced a brand new Swing Trading Program featuring everything you need to master Swing Trading and take your career to new levels of success. In fact, not only will you learn how to supplement your intraday trading strategies with a short-term Swing Trading protfolio, you will personally follow along with Swing Play Alerts for members making them instantly privy to the Swing Trading actions taken in his own trading accounts. You will learn firsthand how to integrate Swing Trading as an integral part of your overall trading plan.

Program Summary:

You will learn:

  • The most powerful Swing Trading chart patterns and how to exploit them for above average gains
  • The four major disciplines of every trade: The Entry, the Stop, the Target, and Trade Management
  • How to maximize your timing using key moving averages, and other powerful indicators
  • How to maximize gains and minimize losses using proper money management techniques
  • How to formulate a part-time or full-time trading plan designed for a lifetime of professional trading
  • How to maximize gains and minimize losses using proper money management techniques

Program Privileges:

  • The best available educational seminar on Swing Trading
  • Educational system, which can be successfully completed online.
  • An exceptional iFundTraders Swing Trading Manual offering material never before covered in iFT classes
  • Unlimited online FREE retakes of the 2-Day Swing Training Seminar.
  • Non-expiring subscription to the Private Live Swing Trading Study Sessions
  • Non-expiring subscription to the Swing Play Alerts
  • And more


• $3997

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