Trading Program

Trading Kids Program Summary:

What are we looking for with this program?

  • In this training we want children to take their first steps in trading through the simple techniques of Oliver Velez.
  • Here they will learn to identify the basic tradable elements that Oliver handles in his teams of professional traders and will develop their execution skills according to the events that the market generates while they are trading.
  • We are not looking for the kids to focus on making money, ¡For now! what is important is that they incorporate the procedures they should follow and learn how they should act in each operation.

From what age can my child enter the program?

  • The recommended age for training is from 8 to 15 years old.

How does it work?

The training lasts twelve (12) months, in which the student will obtain:

  • Access to the members area.
  • Pre-recorded sessions with basic information necessary to advance to the live classes.
  • Availability of trading platform during the twelve (12) months of training.
  • Continuous monitoring of the operations performed.
  • Two live sessions per month, in which you will learn each of the tactics that Oliver uses with his traders on a daily basis.

The program director, Andres Tolosa, will conduct the live sessions, accompany and monitor the children, reinforce topics and clarify doubts throughout the work period.

They will have work material to deepen and reinforce concepts.

In addition to all this we will have super special sessions:

*Live session with Oliver Velez.

*Session on beliefs about money.

What do you need?

  • You will only need a computer and internet connection.
  • Basic computer skills.

REMEMBER! Oliver wants to change the future of our next generation. Our goal is that our children reach the age of 16 / 17 with a very solid foundation of trading under its strategy, and then make a graduation process iFundtraders programs and begin to generate their own income, which would realize their dreams and those of his family.


• $1,200

IMPORTANT: Protect yourself from fraud!
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